UK Politics 1e Student resources


The following student resources are available to accompany UK Politics:

  • A deeper look – a more detailed case study for each chapter, taking a more critical, synoptic look at a current event.
  • Activities – discussion questions and creative actities for each chapter, suitable for group or independent study.
  • Answers – to the questions in the book.
  • Exploring Further – further reading and web links designed to encourage you to explore around the issues.
  • Flashcard glossary – allowing you to test your understanding of terminology.
  • Self-check questions – multiple choice questions for each chapter, allowing you to check your understanding of the key points.
  • Timeline: ‘How did we get here?– interactive timeline feature, allowing you to explore the key historical events that shaped UK politics today.
  • UK Politics today – online updates linked to key political events.

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