Information for Instructors

Welcome to Oxford Learning Link, your hub for digital teaching and learning tools to help you get the most out of your Oxford University Press text. This site houses collections of instructor and student resources that can be accessed directly in Learning Link or, in some cases, assigned through your local learning management system or Oxford’s cloud-based platform, Oxford Learning Cloud.

Using our instructor resources requires agreement with our legal notice. Please review our legal notice before using our digital resources.

Finding the resources you already have access to

If you have adopted an Oxford University Press textbook for one of your courses, you may have already been set up with access to the resources associated with your text. To find the resources you have access to, login and visit your account page. A list of resource collections will be displayed for you, including the name of the textbooks in use, when your access was setup, and when it will expire. Clicking the names of any of the textbooks will take you directly to the digital resources that accompany that textbook; instructions for using the digital resources, if required, will also be found there.

Getting access to new digital resources

If you do not yet have access to the resources for your textbook, you can request access for new resources by logging out and visiting the instructor's resource request form. In many cases access can be provided right away. If you have not heard back about your request in 7 days, please email technical support.

Renewing access for resources

To renew your access to digital resources, login and visit your account page. You will see a list of the digital resources that you have/had access to. Find the resource that requires renewal and click the “Click to renew your access for 6 months” link provided.

Accessing corresponding student resources

Many of our titles are also supported by collections of student resources. Be sure to explore the student resource collections associated with your text in order to get the most out of your materials. The quickest way to find the student resources for your textbook is to use the site search in the header of every page; for best results search for your book’s ISBN, title, or author.

Assigning student resources in an LMS/VLE

Select Oxford titles incorporate assignable digital resources that that can be accessed and graded in your school’s LMS or in Oxford’s user-friendly, cloud-based platform, Oxford Learning Cloud. For more information on making material available through these platforms, visit our delivery options page.

Sharing instructor resources with students

The instructor resources that accompany the title you have adopted are included in Learning Cloud and in the Learning Link Direct cartridge (for use in your campus LMS/VLE). You can download any resource using the links provided. However, these links will not work for your students, even if you make the OUP-provided links available to students, they will not be able to access the resources because they do not have instructor permissions.

If you wish to share an OUP-provided instructor resource with your students (e.g., a PowerPoint presentation), you must first download it, and then re-post it in your course.

If you have any questions about how to do this, please either contact your local LMS/VLE support team, visit our customer support FAQ site, or contact OUP technical support by email at Finally, if you still need assistance, our U.S. technical support team offers telephone support at 855-281-8749. (International callers must preface the number with 00, or your country’s specific exit code.) Hours of operation are Monday–Friday, 8:00 am – 6:00 pm (Eastern Standard Time).