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All new print and electronic versions of American Horizons: U.S. History in a Global Context, Volume Two come with access to a full collection of engaging digital learning tools that work with the text to bring content to life and build critical thinking skills.

Digital Access to American Horizons: U.S. History in a Global Context, Volume Two includes:

  • An enhanced eBook that integrates the narrative with a rich assortment of audio and video resources, including interactive timelines and maps
  • Access to the Oxford Insight Study Guide, a powerful, personalized learning tool designed to help students succeed in their course
  • New Closer Look video activities that help students look more closely into the past and examine historical images with an investigative eye
  • The US History Video Library consisting of 10 videos (with assessment) only available from Oxford University Press
  • Interactive Maps with assessment that help students parse geographic information at their own pace
  • Enhanced flashcards, including audio of both the terms and definitions to enhance the learning experience for students
  • Timeline exercises in which students sort the historical events within a chapter in chronological order
  • Note-taking guides that teach students how to glean the most relevant information from the text
  • Chapter quizzes designed to help students focus on grasping the important material and self-assess their progress
  • Video and Web links that bring history to life with engaging multimedia

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Welcome to the home of Oxford First Source: US History, a primary source database with hundreds of primary source documents in US history. The documents cover a broad variety of political, economic, social, and cultural topics and represent a cross section of American voices. Special effort was made to include as many previously disenfranchised voices as possible.

The documents are indexed by date, author, title, and subject. Short documents (one...

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