Art for Everyone provides a host of activities and self-study tools to help you discover the relevance of art in your life:

  • An enhanced eBook integrates the text's engaging narrative with a rich assortment of audio and video resources. Along with the below resources, the eBook includes self-assessment to check your understanding as you read.
  • Compelling videos, including demonstrations of art processes by contemporary artists and “Artist at Work” videos tied to the in-text feature allow you to engage with and answer questions about multimedia content.
  • Interactive Image Walkthroughs guide you through annotated figures in each chapter, modeling ways to look at an image. Brief multiple choice assessments follow each interactive walkthrough.
  • Interactive timelines for Chapters 10 and 11 allow you to explore the chapter's artwork outside of the textual narrative. From the timeline, jump right into the rich content of the text that interests you.
  • Flashcards help you study your knowledge and compre­hension of key ideas works.

Comprehension and Application quizzes test students understanding of the course materials and then ask them to apply those concepts to art in the chapter.

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