A full suite of instructor tools to aid in course and lecture planning:

  • Image bank of all the figures from the book for use in lectures
  • PowerPoint lecture outlines for each chapter
  • Instructor’s Manual with detailed chapter outlines, learning objectives, suggested lecture topics, classroom activities, and links to related websites.
  • A Guide to using our "Art in Your Life" activities, which can be integrated into your LMS or found on Oxford Learning Cloud to engage students with art in their community, whether that is at a museum, a gallery, in a public space, or even online.
  • Test banks for each chapter
  • LMS/VLE Course Packages, which integrate all of the resources you'll find on Oxford Learning Link and the "Art in Your Life" activities, and report assessment activities directly to your gradebook

For additional resources, such as videos that you can show in class (including Artist at Work and Art in Process) and assignable assessments (including “Interactive Image Walkthrough” quizzes), please see the Student Resources.

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Other resources for Art for Everyone Instructor Resources

Art for Everyone provides a host of activities and self-study tools to help you discover the relevance of art in your life:

  • An enhanced eBook integrates the text's engaging narrative with a rich assortment of audio and video resources. Along with the below resources, the eBook includes self-assessment to check your understanding as you read.
  • Compelling videos, including demonstrations of art processes by contemporary artists and “Artist at Work”...