The Sports Strategist

  • Business/Marketing


In today’s multibillion dollar sports industry, focusing on winning is a losing strategy. Teams and leagues are facing unprecedented competition both domestically and internationally. The cost of doing business continues to rise, while traditional revenue streams are under increased pressure. By all accounts, the sports business is more complex than ever before, presenting challenges to organizations at all levels. Rather than depending on winning, successful leaders in the sports business must focus on and maximize the areas they can control. We call these leaders Sports Strategists. In The Sports Strategist: Developing Leaders for a High Performing Industry we equip existing and aspiring sports business leaders with the concepts, tools, and best practices to succeed consistently in the sports business without rely of winning. We provide readers with the ability to design identities, manage narratives, maximize new technologies, implement business analytics, navigate crisis, develop place environments, building strong public support, and utilize ethics to make better decisions. The demand for Sports Strategists has never been greater. Winning championships is not a sustainable business model. Creating balanced businesses that benefit from winning when it does happen is much more viable. Sports Strategists who focus on the controllable factors discussed in this book will position their organizations and themselves to thrive in this high-performing industry.