• Business/Marketing


Strategic Brand Management provides a concise, flexible, and modern take on global brand management, with cutting-edge research and mini-cases and activities to engage students. The book provides readers with a cutting edge framework that explains the four key aspects of strategic brand management -- building, leveraging, identifying and measuring, and protecting brands. Key issues in each of these four areas are described, along with practical guidelines for making decisions. The authors aim to not only raise awareness of brand management issues, but to provide ways to design strategies and tactics to allow for effective building and managing of brands.

The guidelines offered here are based on the authors' many years of practice and academic research in branding. Academic research has much to offer, especially in the areas of leveraging brands and protecting brands, yet it has been slow to enter mainstream managerial thinking. The authors make this abundance of academic research accessible and understandable by translating the wealth of research findings into useful guidelines for managers. The book also incorporates a global approach to branding that not evident in other textbooks. Instead of relegating global and cultural branding issues to a brief footnote, the authors elevate these topics to a central role and apply powerful theories of culture to the issues that managers face in building their brands into valuable global powerhouses.