Wolfe, Levi, Holt, Bartoshuk, Herz, Klatzky, Merfeld, Sensation and Perception 7e

  • Neuroscience


Using a comprehensive, yet balanced approach of neuroscience and cognitive psychology, Sensation and Perception aims for a level of clarity and accessibility to a wide range of students through its clear writing and features such as Sensation and Perception in Everyday Life, which applies basic science knowledge to practical problems in the real world; Scientists at Work boxes that walk students through the scientific process and experimental design; and Multisensory Integration sections throughout the text highlight how human senses interact and create a more holistic and realistic picture of perception.

This edition of Sensation and Perception offers OICW that includes learning objectives, self-assessment, Chapter overviews, and a robust, hands-on media package that is designed to engage students through videos, demonstrations, simulations, and activities.

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