Available Instructor Resources

Additional Chapters from the First Edition

The companion site provides access to chapters on diabetes, multiple sclerosis and otehr chronic neurological diseases, obstetric and gynecological conditions, asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, gastrointestinal conditions, and kidney disease. 

Test Generator (revised by Franscesco Belardetti, University of British Columbia)—Also available in Microsoft Word format

Each chapter contains 25 multiple choice questions, 10 short answer questions, and 5 essay questions. Each question includes answer and page reference. 

PowerPoint Slides 

Each chapter contains 20–30 slides. 

Other resources for Fundamentals of Health Psychology 2e Instructor Resources

Available Student Resources (revised by Shelley Delano Parker, University of New Brunswick)

Study Guide

Each chapter contains a chapter summary, essay topics, weblinks, and key terms glossary. 

Practice Quizzes

Each chapter contains 10 multiple choice questions.