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The Ecology, Fourth Edition Companion Website offers students a wealth of study and review material. (180-day access to the site is included with each new copy of the textbook.) The Companion Website includes:

  • Chapter Outlines and Summaries
  • Hands-On Problem-Solving Exercises that provide practical experience working with experimental data and interpreting results from simulations and models.
  • Analyzing Data Exercises—companions to the in-book exercises that give students extra practice with quantitative skills.
  • Climate Change Connections explore the links between the ecological concepts and climate change.
  • Web Extensions expand on the coverage of selected topics introduced in the textbook.
  • Online Quizzes are a great way for students to check their comprehension of the material covered in each chapter (instructor registration required).
  • Web Stats Review—a brief statistics primer for ecology.
  • Flashcards, Suggested Readings, and Glossary

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