Resources to accompany Smith, Hogan, and Ormerod's Essentials of Criminal Law (4th edition) include:

  • Video tutorials: a selection of author videos from John Child, David Ormerod, and Chaynee Hodgetts are available explaining key topics and principles, with accompanying transcripts.
  • Self-test questions: questions are organised by chapter and can be filtered to select only certain topics from that chapter, contributed by Chaynee Hodgetts.
  • Scenario questions: self-test questions based on scenarios are available for each chapter, contributed by Chaynee Hodgetts.
  • Examination questions: each chapter is accompanied by two sample examination questions with answer guidance from John Child and David Ormerod to help hone your assessment skills.
  • Chapter summary sheets: these downloadable documents, written by John Child and David Ormerod, offer you a quick summary guide to each chapter
  • Animated diagrams: Chaynee Hodgetts narrates animated diagrams of key concepts
  • Audio recordings: audio recordings from Chaynee Hodgetts introduce each chapter
  • Bibliography, web links, and further reading: use this complete list of references compiled by John Child and David Ormerod for further research and to prepare for essay assignments
  • Abbreviations used in the texts: a useful reference to the principal textbooks and legal journals cited throughout the texts