These are the teaching notes for Case-Based Learning for Group Intervention in Social Work. Foremost, the notes offer suggested “answers” to the exercises posed in the text. Of course, instructors can depart from these answers; they may not even agree with them and take a different tactic altogether or see a different perspective that wasn’t provided. After the case entries here, some sample group work assignments are laid out for instructors to adapt as they see fit for their class needs.

The cases can be used in various ways:

  • As individual homework assignments
  • Small-group electronic assignments as homework
  • Entire class discussion board
  • Small-group activities in the classroom
  • Instructor-led discussions of the whole class

Many social work programs are currently offered online or in hybrid format. In online classrooms, specialized strategies replace the interactions that routinely take place face-to-face. Capitalizing on the extensive case material available, this text is a way that online students, in discussion boards as a class and in assigned groups electronically, can interact around group work content in a way that demonstrates their engagement with material and developing competency. To view sample content for two chapters, see the "Sample Resources" category below.