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Case-Based Learning for Group Intervention in Social Work provides essential information on planning and facilitating groups in a clear and easy-to-understand format. Current practice challenges, such as working with people that are mandated to group services and the proliferation of open-ended groups, are taken on directly with an array of strategies. To develop student competency, this volume uses a contemporary pedagogy--case-based learning--as a teaching tool for analysis, application, and decision-making. By working through cases, students gain exposure to the considerable range of populations that can be served by social work group intervention. The Teaching Notes (available at www.oup.com/us/case-based and also referred to as "Instructor Materials") were made to assist instructors looking to dive into student responses, whether cases are discussed in the classroom as a whole, in small group activities, or as individual assignments. To view sample content, go to the Instructor Resources and click "Sample Resources."

Resources for Case-Based Learning for Group Intervention in Social Work

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