Resources to support students engagement with the course material, including:

  • The ‘Getting to Know the Person’ podcast series. In these podcasts we chat with people who have expertise and wisdom about healthy ageing and aged care – the people who wrote chapters in the second edition of Healthy Ageing and Aged Care for OUP ANZ. Some of these people have acquired and accumulated their knowledge through lived experience, some have studied and done research to gain their experience, some have both. It is our privilege to share these conversations with you in the hope that by getting to know the person, you can engage with and understand older people and their experience of ageing. We hope you enjoy getting to know these interesting authors as people. Denise Winkler & Maree Bernoth
  • Podcast Show Notes highlight key topics covered, provide timestamps for discussion points and guide you towards further resources mentioned in each podcast
  • Videos – real people affected by aged care speak directly to you, bringing to life core issues covered in the book and reinforcing the practical application of learning in a current Australian context
  • Weblinks take you directly to resources relevant to each chapter