Tutorial on Neural Systems Modeling

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Neural systems models are elegant conceptual tools that provide satisfying insight into brain function. The goal of this new book is to make these tools accessible. It is written specifically for students in neuroscience, cognitive science, and related areas who want to learn about neural systems modeling but lack extensive background in mathematics and computer programming.

The distinguishing pedagogical feature of this book is its computer programs, written in MATLAB, that help readers develop basic skill in the area of neural systems modeling. (All of the program files are available online via the book’s companion website: www.sinauer.com/anastasio.) Actual data on real neural systems is presented in the book for comparison with the results of the simulations. Also included are asides (“Math Boxes”) that present mathematical material that is relevant but not essential to running the programs. Exercises and references at the end of each chapter invite readers to explore each topic area on their own.

For more information, see the Tutorial on Neural Systems Modeling product page.

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