Sensation & Perception, Fifth Edition

  • Psychology


Sensation & Perception, Fifth Edition, by Jeremy M. Wolfe, Keith R. Kluender, Dennis M. Levi, Linda M. Bartoshuk, Rachel S. Herz, Roberta L. Klatzky, and Daniel M. Merfeld.

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  • Current research findings are integrated as the basics are presented
  • The book provides coverage that others don't: full chapters on Taste, Smell, Touch, and the Vestibular System
  • An energetic, fun, and accessible writing style is complemented by unbeatable full-color figures and graphics
  • "Sensation & Perception in Everyday Life" boxes discuss perceptual impairments or real-world applications related to the chapter topic
  • Bold-faced key terms are defined in a Marginal Glossary
  • In-text links reference the Companion Website, full of demos, simulations, and activities for students

New to this Edition:

  • "Scientists at Work" boxes look at important discoveries and explain the process of experimentation and hypothesis testing.
  • Appearing at the beginning of each chapter, "Questions to Contemplate" set the stage for what students should be able to answer after reading the chapter.