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Human Geography: A Short Introduction communicates the complex human geography of the contemporary world using a concise, focused approach. Written in an engaging style, the text conveys the sense of wonder that drives the best in geography. Human Geography is an ideal choice for professors who prefer the flexibility of a succinct and incisive text without compromising on scholarly excellence. It has been deliberately constructed to provide all the basics students will need while simultaneously empowering professors to customize and augment their courses as they see fit. The book features detailed and engaging case studies bring the book's broader arguments to life, and abundance of colorful features and illustrations that add texture and context to the discussion, is supported by an extensive supplements package, and is priced at less than one third the cost of the best-selling books in the field, yet supported by strong graphics and supplements programs, this book represents unparalleled flexibility and value for both students and professors.

The second edition builds upon the first by expanding and enhancing the coverage of language and religion, each of which is now afforded a standalone chapter, by improving the map program in the book, and by strengthening the ties between the book and the digital supplements, especially the ties between the printed maps in the book and the interactive maps online.

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