Instructor Resources for Shiraev/Zubok, International Relations 3e.

Welcome to the digital resources for International Relations, 3E! To help you get off to a smooth start this term, this Instructor Quick Start Guide will cover essential information about using and accessing Oxford's digital resources within your school's LMS via Learning Link Direct.

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Introducing the Oxford University Press Higher Education Group's Digital Learning Solution: Learning Link Direct for Shiraev/Zubok's International Relations, 3E! Learning Link Direct allows for OUP's digital learning resources for International Relations, 3E to be available within your institution's own LMS via a one-time course integration.

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The time-table for the following checklist is based on best practices for implementation; however, if you need to implement these sources in a narrower timeframe, our Digital Support Team is there to get you set up in no time at all!

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Other resources for International Relations 3e Instructor Resources

Student Resources for Shiraev/Zubok, International Relations 3e, including:

  • An enhanced eBook that integrates Eric B. Shiraev and Vladislav M. Zubok’s engaging narrative with a rich assortment of audio and video resources
  • 10 chapter quizzes, chapter exams and Check My Learning quizzes designed to help students focus on grasping the important material from each section and self-assess their progress
  • 10 chapter summaries and sets of fla...

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