Shiota, Cavanagh, Emotion and Motivation 4e

  • Psychology


Emotion and Motivation, Fourth Edition, offers a comprehensive survey of the field of affective science, now infused with fundamental theory and research on motivation. The text covers major theories of emotion and motivation in detail, and reviews both classic and cutting-edge research on emotional and motivational processes from a variety of sub-disciplines. The authors' thoughtful engagement with ongoing controversies, contradictory findings, methodological limitations, and replication failures encourages critical thinking. While highly rigorous, the text is also student-friendly, with a light, humorous tone, real-world stories, and an intuitive structure. Emotion and Motivation, Fourth Edition, addresses the questions undergraduates are most likely to ask: What are emotion and motivation, and why do we have them? How do emotion and motivation shape our lives? and How can we improve well-being?

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