Schultz, Lavenda, Dods, and Mulholland, Cultural Anthropology: A Perspective on the Human Condition 5Ce

  • Anthropology


Cultural anthropology is a popular introductory course often taken by students with limited knowledge of the discipline; as a result, instructors require a text with readable, thorough coverage and strong pedagogy. Cultural Anthropology is the most comprehensive, nuanced, and in-depth text written for the Canadian student, and the fifth edition has been carefully revised for clarity and accessibility. Its visually appealing design and many pedagogical features further support students new to the discipline.

Instructors today also strive to help students think critically about cultural anthropology and relate it to pressing current issues. Cultural Anthropology includes the most up-to-date examples and case studies from Canada and around the world. The new fifth edition takes a decolonizing approach to the field and maintains a strong emphasis on its evolving methodologies and theories.

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