Sandholm/Saraniti, Vital Statistics Preliminary Ed.


Welcome to the website for the Preliminary Custom edition of Vital Statistics, an introductory statistics text developed specifically for economics and business students. Unlike most business stats books, Vital Statistics emphasizes the importance of understanding the intuition about probability and statistics before working with formulas and statistical recipes. Probability is covered ahead of statistics to lay the foundation for a better conceptual understanding of statistical inference. Probability theory is also a powerful tool for business and finance applications.

On the Instructor website, you’ll find all the data, calculus, and simulation workbooks used or referenced in the book as well as PowerPoint slides and a Solutions Manual for all the chapter problems. The Student website contains all the spreadsheets students might need for their work in the text.

We’d like to hear from professors who are interested in testing out the Vital Statistics Preliminary Edition in classes offered in the spring of 2018 or who would like to learn more about this text. Custom orders must be made at least 5 weeks before the start of classes. Please contact your OUP sales representative for more information.

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