The instructor resources accompanying Modern Social Work Theory provide support for the text in a range of settings such as an introductory course in social work theory, a graduate course in social work, or as a supplementary text in other courses.

  • PowerPoint Lecture Outlines
  • Test Bank: Twenty sample test questions are provided for each chapter in a single file. The test questions represent typical questions that appear appropriate for students where the text is used in an introductory course. Again, most instructors are likely to add, modify, or delete items based on their own needs. The answers to the questions are given following the end of the questions for the last chapter. The twenty questions are divided into two test banks.
  • Sample Syllabus: The syllabus provides a starting point for construction of a course syllabus. As the text is applicable for a range of teaching environments, from undergraduate through doctoral programs, the sample syllabus only provides a very simple start for developing a syllabus for a particular course offering.