Authors John G. McNutt and Richard Hoefer have prepared PowerPoint lecture outlines, a sample syllabus, and an Instructor’s Manual with chapter descriptions, learning objectives, and a test bank* to accompany this text. These resources were designed specifically to accompany this text, and are intended to provide you with classroom tools to introduce your students to the authors’ contemporary framework for understanding social policy.

For the second edition of Social Welfare Policy, Oxford University Press has partnered with OfCourse! to provide video content for 12 out of 14 chapters in the text. McNutt and Hoefer’s book is designed to be brief, yet comprehensive, and this video content has been included to offer more in-depth coverage of additional ideas and concepts that students can access on any mobile device.

OfCourse! combines video, archival photos, animation (and a bit of humor!) to offer innovative content that boosts student engagement. Each video comes with an instructor lesson plan that contains:

  • Thought-provoking discussion questions, which can be used in the classroom or online through Blackboard, Canvas, or any web-based learning management system
  • Activities and assignments designed to help students apply their knowledge, build critical thinking skills, and prepare for real world challenges
  • Ready-made quizzes that save you time and ensure students have a firm grasp of important concepts
  • Additional readings and resources to help enhance further student learning

The test questions and learning objectives in this Instructor’s Manual also appear in the enhanced ebook for Social Welfare Policy.

Other resources for Social Welfare Policy 2e Instructor Resources

Student resources for McNutt’s Social Welfare Policy, 2e include learning objectives, self-quizzes, and an OfCourse! video module.