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Creating a Positive Learning Environment: The Savvy Teacher is based on the school of thought that teachers need to work with two curriculas – the first being the what they are going to teach, the ‘open curriculum’, and the second being knowing who and how they are going to teach it, the ‘hidden curriculum’. It is the focus on the combination of who, how and what that will increase a teacher’s sense of confidence and well being, and ultimately lead to a positive learning environment for their students.

This book studies four areas of classroom management — Proactive, Interactive, Restorative and Supportive. Part A: Becoming a Savvy Teacher clearly outlines the theory, practical strategies, skills and techniques that every graduate teacher needs to know, understand and be able to apply, in order to skilfully manage their students. Part B: Being a Savvy Teacher presents common graduate teacher questions, allowing readers to dip in and read a suggested solution to their problem, with cross references to the theory in Part A. The questions in Part B are divided across four terms, and reflect the different issues that may arise as the year progresses.

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