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Written by an experienced teacher and offering the most contemporary perspective on the science available, Immunology provides students who are new to immunology with an easy-to-read, basic introduction to the subject. In a course where students often get lost in vast amounts of detail and the sheer complexity of the immune response, Immunology helps students see “the big picture” by offering an early introduction to innate immunity and organizing the material in a manner that follows the human body's response to a pathogen and the various defenses employed during the course of an infection.

Immunology features an exceptional illustration program and includes simple, clear explanations, abundant examples, and features that unravel the mysteries of immunology through accounts of classical discoveries and recent, cutting-edge research. Since many students in the course are preparing to enter careers in research, medicine, and other health professions, an appropriate amount of applied knowledge and clinical content is included in the narrative, features, and engaging case studies. Students will easily be able to make connections, moving beyond memorizing just what we know to truly understanding how we know what we know—and why.

Immunology is available powered by Oxford Insight. Oxford Insight delivers the contemporary and pedagogically-crafted content of Immunology within powerful, data-driven courseware designed to optimize student success. Developed with a foundation in learning science, Oxford Insight enables instructors to deliver a personalized and engaging learning experience that empowers students by actively engaging them with assigned reading. This adaptivity, paired with real-time actionable data about student performance, helps instructors ensure that each student is best supported along their unique learning pathway.

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