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From schools to the military and from class structure to cultural diversity-all individuals function within complex social systems that shape them and are, in turn, shaped by them. This text introduces students to these broader social contexts within which human behavior occurs and how a community's social settings may promote or deter people in maintaining or achieving personal health and well-being. Johnson uses seven basic theoretical perspectives as the frameworks to explore how clients are impacted by social institutions and social structures.

Keeping up to date with emerging societal trends and changing environmental contexts is important and Human Behavior and the Larger Social Environment provides readers with the tools necessary to use their knowledge to provide appropriate interventions at all levels of practice, as well as promote social and economic justice. This book offers complex concepts in a simple format, allowing students to analyze the relationship between individuals and various systems, and better retain and apply their knowledge as they prepare to engage with clients and client systems.

Resources for Human Behavior and the Larger Social Environment 4e

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