Available Instructor Resources

Test Generator (revised by Gordon Wilkie, Nova Scotia Community College)

Each chapter contains 20 true or false questions, 30 multiple choice questions, and 20 short answer questions. Each question includes answer and page reference. 

Solutions Manual and Lab Manual Solutions (revised by Mingbo (Michael) Niu, Okanagan College)

Contains all answers to all problems in Introduction to Electric Circuits and the accompanying Lab Manual.

Instructor's Manual (revised by Peter Wheeler, Humber College)

Includes lesson plans, outlines, assignments, suggestions for assignments and quizzes/tests, and more! 

PowerPoint Slides (revised by Aaron Lishman, Fleming College)

Each chapter contains 20–30 slides. 

Other resources for Introduction to Electric Circuits 10e Instructor Resources

Available Student Resources

Multisim Exercises 

Here, you will find all Multisim exercises and examples denoted in the text by the circuitSIM icon in the margin.