How Writing Works

  • English



From college classrooms to communities and careers, HOW WRITING WORKS teaches students the transferable skills they need to be effective in any writing situation. While most textbooks teach students how to write, our book teaches students how writing works by taking a problem-solving approach to writing. Most college writing guides on the market today are primarily descriptive-listing the qualities of “universally good” writing-or prescriptive-telling students how to write particular genres. How Writing Works takes a new approach to genre pedagogy. In the pages of this book, we help students figure out a new genre for themselves, by asking students to figure out how the genre works: “What is it?” “Who reads it?” and “What’s it for?” By helping students discover how writing works, this innovative rhetoric teaches students how to engage effectively with any writing situation they may encounter at school, at home, or at work.

Student resources for this title are available on the book's Companion Website