Student resources can be used to consolidate your learning after each lecture, to prepare for seminars, as a starting point to research a coursework essay, and of course during your revision. The resources available include:

  • Additional content: ‘Introduction to the tort of negligence: putting it together’, ‘A basic overview of product liability in contract law’, and ‘The “McLibel” litigation’
  • Annotated web links: news reports, video and audio clips, and direct links to key cases
  • Outline answers to essay and problem questions: check the answer you have drafted and gain pointers on how to improve your grade
  • Answer hints: check you’re on the right track with answering end-of-chapter questions, and the questions posed in the ‘Counterpoint’ and ‘Pause for reflection’ boxes
  • Downloadable versions of annotated judgments and statutes from the book so that you can refer to them quickly while reading the relevant chapters
  • Further annotated judgments with explanatory notes and points for you to consider help you to develop the skills of reading and analysing judgments
  • Guidance on how to answer problem questions and essays