Healy, Thomas, International Social Work, 3e

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International Social Work: Professional Action in an Interdependent World, Third Edition, is a comprehensive treatment of all dimensions of international social work. The authors' four-part framework includes domestic practice and policy influenced by global forces, professional exchange, international practice, and global social policy. The first section of the book explores globalization, development and human rights as foundational concepts for international social work. The text then provides an overview of global social issues and international organizations related to social welfare. Part II offers an overview of the global history of the profession. Similarities and differences in social work around the world are examined through seven country examples. Part III provides an extensive discussion of current aspects of the global profession, with chapters on ethics, social policy, international development practice, and practice at the international/domestic interface. Modalities of international professional exchange are then explored prior to a concluding chapter that provides recommendations for international action.

The text is enlivened by numerous case examples, drawn from many parts of the world. The history chapters include brief biographies of noted social workers on the international scene whose accomplishments serve as inspiration for readers. The text is extensively referenced with updated professional literature and intergovernmental documents. Carefully selected items in the appendix expand the usefulness of the book.

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