Elkins/Fiorentini, Visual Worlds 1e

  • Art and Architecture


A next-generation textbook that presents Visual Culture in the arts and sciences, Visual Worlds is designed to introduce students to visuality across all the fields that theorize it. Highlighting examples ranging from traditional “artworks” to the physics of candle flames to the visualization of neurons, it gives a full introduction to the visual world for undergraduate students. The text offers students across disciplines -- from the arts to chemistry to law -- a critical assessment of looking that they can carry through their academic, professional, and personal lives. Visual Worlds makes students aware of their visual sensibility more consciously, in order to understand and enjoy the world around them. 

Along with the text, a full website offering additional student activities; further readings; and assessment materials will allow the student to become actively involved with the material.  For instructors, we offer Powerpoint slides, a full Testbank, and an IM with sample syllabi, teaching strategies, and suggested assignments.  

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