Experts and Evidence

1. Read this article from the website “Get Holistic Health,” review the critique of the site by Media Bias/Fact Check, and answer the questions below.

The title of the page reads Get Holistic Health. There is a photo of a man in a kitchen. The headline reads The guy who cured stage 4 prostate cancer with baking soda and molasses. The content reads Could you use something as simple as baking soda to treat cancer? One man, Vernon Johnston, used baking soda and molasses as the eh-bins force to mower from aggressive stages prostate cancer, ninth had even metastasized into his bone matter. As far as the medical establishment is concerned, you should never hear about this story.

What claim is this article promoting? What evidence is offered for the claim? Is this anecdotal report sufficient to prove that the alleged cure works? Why or why not?

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