Legal systems and sources of law
An easy first port-of-call for domestic legislation still in force. Updated and original statutes are often both available. It also incorporates links to relevant statutory instruments and official documents.
House of Commons briefing paper: Statutory Instruments. Outlines the role of Sis and procedures relating to them.
Legislating for Brexit: the Great Repeal Bill. Outlines proposals for the repeal of the European Communities Act 1972 and transposition of EU law into domestic law.
Acts and Statutory Instruments: Volume of UK legislation 1950 to 2015 - Commons Library Standard Note. This is the official UK Parliament publication setting out the volume of legislation in the UK since 1950.
Lord Judge tells Jack Straw: the UK has too many crime laws. Online source for Daily Telegraph article concerning Lord Judge’s statement on the unnecessary growth of UK legislation.
Statistics relating to the size of the civil service, reflective of the changes in policy in relation to the roles of the state.
Website of the Council of Europe
United Nations treaty collection- depository of more than 560 of the more important international treaties.

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