Introduction to law
An easy first port-of-call for domestic legislation still in force. Updated and original statutes are often both available. It also incorporates links to relevant statutory instruments and official documents.
Follow the link to download a free PDF booklet from the Incorporated Council of Law Reporting on The Snail and the Ginger Beer: The singular case of Donoghue v Stevenson.
The ICLR also produces a special issue PDF booklet, 135 Years of The Law Reports, with details of 10 landmark legal cases, including Donoghue v Stevenson. Contains the full text of Lord Bingham’s lecture on the Rule of Law at the Centre for Public Law in 2006, along with a recording of the lecture itself.
The Fund for Peace annually publishes a ‘Failed States Index’, which comprises social, economic and political indices, including some reflecting the Rule of Law.
The World Justice Project annually publishes a ‘Rule of Law Index’, comprising several factors measured by state, to indicate states’ adherence to the Rule of Law.

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