A General Introduction to Data Sheets

The data sheets provided here are intended to support the broad range of needs of instructors and students who use the text Sedra/Smith, Microelectronic Circuits, Eighth Edition, and its ancillaries. The list of components was selected based on commercial devices referenced in the text and its accompanying Laboratory Manual. The list also includes a representative selection of types of components introduced in the text.

Generally speaking, the listed components share a common attribute, namely that their packaging is suitably large and robust for use in an academic laboratory. Such packaging is intended for applications in which "through-hole" assembly on printed-circuit boards (PCBs) is normal.  This is in contrast with the modern trend toward devices intended for surface mounting. Surface-mounted packages are much smaller than through-hole ones.

Each device is listed using the most significant part of the numerical part of its alphanumeric identifying name. For example, a transistor whose complete identifier is "2N3906" would be listed in numerical order simply by "3906". This scheme is commonly used by electronics parts distributors.

For easy reference, the relevant page number is included for those components that are mentioned in the text (prefaced by a T) or laboratory manual (prefaced by an M).

We hope that this list of datasheets will reassure instructors and students that particular data items and values, charts, etc., are consistently available to the entire class.

The original task of identifying and categorizing data sheets in this collection was performed by David Wong. The list was later updated by Wai Tung Ng from the University of Toronto. The overall process was overseen by Kenneth C. Smith, Professor Emeritus of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Toronto, and co-author of the Sedra/Smith text.