Chapter 8 Residential transaction case study

Deducing and investigating title

Sale of 19 Minster Yard: registered title

At the beginning of the transaction we must apply to the Land Registry for an official copy of the register of title Upon receipt, we will send the official copy to the buyer's solicitors together with the draft contract and other documents (see covering letter to the buyer's solicitors re sale of 19 Minster Yard).

Purchase of 9 Castle Hill Blakey: unregistered title

The seller's solicitors have supplied us with just one unregistered title document. This is the conveyance of 9 Castle Hill Blakey dated 4th May 1987 in which the current seller, Julian Doyle, purchased the subject property with his now deceased wife. It is dated more than 15 years ago and is acceptable as a good root of title. However see our letter to the seller's solicitor raising requisitions on title arising from our inspection of this conveyance.

We have also carried out a land charges search against Julian Doyle and his deceased wife. This reveals no adverse entries.

Following our investigation of title and before exchange of contracts we will draft and send to our client a report on title to 9 Castle Hill.