Advertising Associations
The web site for the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising
The web site for the European Association of Communications Agencies
The web site for the International Advertising Association
The web site of the advertising standards authority, an independent regulator of adverts across all media

The site for the History of Advertising Trust, offering examples of the best of British advertising
Information about adverts appearing on the U.S. Super Bowl
Blog with selected adverts categorised according to medium
A website to watch and rate advertising campaigns
A blog broadcasting some of the best and worst examples of advertising from around the globe
A site offering an overview of advertising industry news and you can also access the six best ads with commentary on why they deliver

Information about Advertising
The World Advertising Research Centre web site featuring over 25,000 articles and case histories
The web site for the leading trade journal for advertising in the U.S.
A blog devoted to understanding the nature and effectiveness of sex in advertising
News from the advertising industry
Media, advertising, pop culture news
Updates on the latest in advertising industry and campaigns

Digital Advertising
The web site for the Internet Advertising Bureau
Industry training, advice and the latest digital campaigns
The latest in digital campaigns

Marketing and advertising news
Advertising, marketing, media and PR news
A resource for online guerrilla marketing concepts
A site on sustainable marketing practices

A look at neuroanatomy, the anatomy of the nervous system, under The Whole Brain Atlas
For more information about the hippocampus
A blog about the application of neuroscience in marketing

Advertisement Awards
Awards from the web marketing association
A global festival for those working in advertising and related fields
A collaborative, not-for-profit membership organisation comprising over 2,500 people. Their aim is to bring together, support and collaborate with the creative and media industry in Manchester, England
Awards for creative and innovative work in advertising in the UK
It does what it says on the tin – the industry awards for advertising out of home (OOH)

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