Additional reading: Chapter 05

Additional reading: Chapter 05

Additional Reading:

The Birth of Genetics. 1950 Genetics republished English translations of the landmark papers of Mendel, DeVries, Correns, and Tschermak, as well as the known letters from Mendel to Karl Negeli in which he described his work, as a supplement to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the re-discovery of Mendel’s work.  These and many other historically important genetics papers are available as part of the Electronic Scholarly Publishing at 

Fairbanks, DJ and S. Abbott 2016.  Darwin’s influence on Mendel: evidence from a new translation of Mendel’s paper.  Genetics 204: 401-405 and

Abbot, S and DJ Fairbanks, 2016.  Experiments on plant hybrids by Gregor Mendel Genetics 204: 407-422.  A copy of The Origin of Species with Mendel’s handwriting in the margins is present at the Abbey of St Thomas in Brno, so it has long been known that Mendel was aware of Darwin’s book.  In this new translation of Mendel’s paper, the authors ask how much The Origin of Species influenced Mendel’s own paper. 

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