• Critical Resistance has been at the forefront of abolitionist struggles since it was formed in 1997.
  • INCITE! is a network of radical feminists of color organizing and demanding the end to state violence and violence in homes and communities.
  • INQUESTwas formed in 1981 to campaign around preventable deaths inside and outside of state instructions.
  • JENGbA campaigns to abolish the discriminatory law around joint enterprise where an individual can be jointly convicted for a crime committed by another person if a court decides that the individual could have foreseen that a crime was likely to be committed.
  • Sisters Inside campaigns for the collective human rights of women and girls in prison and their families.
  • The European Group for the Study of Deviance and Social Control was formed in 1973 and is comprised of academics and activists who, amongst other demands, campaign for the abolition of prisons.
  • Women in Prison campaigns for an abolitionist response to women in prison and an end to the harms women experience in prison.
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