• Deviant Leisure website
    Website of the Deviant Leisure group. The group is informed through critical engagement with a range of perspectives intersecting with the sociological interpretations of crime and deviance and in particular cultural criminology and ultra-realism.
  • Crime, Media, Culture: An International Journal (Sage, London).
    Published three times a year by Sage Publications, Crime, Media, Culture is an international and interdisciplinary periodical dedicated to exploring the relationships between crime, criminal justice and the media.
  • Home page of the Journal of Contemporary Crime, Harm, and Ethics. the new periodical
  • This new periodical (launched in 2022) is focused on the contemporary social realities of crime, social harm, and justice written from the perspectives of criminology, zemiology, anthropology, moral and political philosophy, critical theory, and the humanities more broadly.
  • Vice News
    Vice is an international news channel created by and for a connected generation. Alongside articles on subcultural groups and regional conflicts, Vice News frequently also covers matters relating to consumer culture.
  • Wall of Films
    This website provides free access to hundreds of political documentaries from some of the world’s most influential filmmakers. Several films on this site are explicitly concerned with the deleterious effects of consumerism and ecological degradation.

International resources:

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