• The Cambridge Computer Crime Database is a database of computer crime events where the offender or alleged offender has been arrested, charged and/or prosecuted in the United Kingdom, dating from 1 January 2010. These are broadly classified as high-tech offences, including those that fall under the Computer Misuse Act. The database also includes offences that involve the use of computers that fall under other legislation. This includes fraud, conspiracy, misconduct in public office, data protection, and money laundering offences where there is a link to high tech or computer crime.
  • The Office for National Statistics has included questions about fraud and computer misuse offences in the Crime Survey for England and Wales since 2016.
  • Gary Warner, Director of Research in Computer Forensics at the University of Alabama in Birmingham, maintains the blog CyberCrime & Doing Time, which focuses on cybercrime and the criminal justice system.
  • Alice Hutchings maintains a list to highlight academic researchers who do excellent cybercrime research but are under-appreciated. This is not a list of women, it's a list that only has women on it. Just like some citation lists, editor lists, program committee membership lists, and conference agendas are not lists of (but only include) men. Please contact ah793@cam.ac.uk if you have suggestions to include on the list.
  • Ben Collier and Alice Hutchings are both active on Twitter, so please feel free to follow for more cybercrime-related content.
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