• An exhaustive guide to the laws and policies on prostitution and exploitation of prostitution from The Crown Prosecution Service, last updated in 2019.
  • Beyond The Gaze is an (at the time of writing in winter 2016) ESRC funded research project examining the working practices, regulation, and safety of internet-based sex workers. In addition to providing regular updates on the progress of the research project, this website also provides a list of other sex work related research projects and groups under the heading ‘Practitioners’.
  • The English Collective of Prostitutes is a self-help organisation for sex-workers that campaigns for sex workers’ rights and safety and the decriminalisation of prostitution. The website is particularly useful for its section entitled ‘Law & Policy’, which provides arguments and responses to various prostitution-related laws and policies.
  • Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women is an international alliance of non-governmental organisations that collects and disseminates information and campaigns against human trafficking in all forms. Prostitution and sex work form only one small part of its campaigns. This website contains a repository of publications examining the implementation of anti-trafficking legislation across many countries of the globe.
  • The International Union of Sex Workers campaigns for sex workers’ civil, labour, and human rights. This website has an extensive list of other sex worker organisations, publications, and responses to official reports from around the world and provides an archive of its publications, press releases, campaigns, and submissions to official consultations that dates back to 2008.
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