• The College of Policing provides official guidance for all police forces in England and Wales on how to define, record and investigate hate crimes and hate incidents.
  • Based at the University of Leicester, UK, The Centre for Hate Studies is a world-leading centre for hate crime research. Here, you can find academic work and reports exploring the prevalence, harms, and responses to hate crime, as well as award-winning films, animations and the podcast series ‘Hidden Hate’.
  • In 2021, the Law Commission published their review of hate crime legislation in England and Wales. This report offers a thorough overview of the law, how it should be applied, and its limitations.
  • Third sector organisations like the Southern Poverty Law Centre, monitor the activities of domestic hate groups and extremists in the US. They also publish reports on hate crime trends and host a podcast called Sounds Like Hate.
  • Hate towards those perceived to have East and Southeast Asian heritage has escalated in recent years but evidence suggests people from these communities rarely report hate crime or engage in victim support. Services like On Your Side have consequently emerged to offer tailored reporting and support systems for these under-represented groups.
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