Burrows, Holman, Lancaster, Overton, Parsons, Pilling & Price, Chemistry³ 4e Instructor resources


The following instructor resources are available for this title:

  • Figures and tables from the book
  • Case studies with video illustrating how other instructors have taught using Chemistry3
  • Chapter 1 as a downloadable PDF for use as pre-course reading
  • Test banks for every chapter
  • Problem-solving activity pack for every chapter

Other resources for Chemistry³ 4e Instructor Resources

The following student resources are available for this title:

  • Chapter learning outcomes, summaries, and key equations
  • Solutions manuals for questions in the book
  • Video clips
  • Screencasts for each chapter
  • Self-test multiple choice questions for each chapter
  • ChemTube3D interactive molecular structures
  • Maths self-test questions
  • Access to the enhanced e-book