All new print and electronic versions of Invitation to World Religions 4e come with access to a full collection of engaging digital learning tools that work with the text to bring content to life.

Digital Access to Invitation to World Religions 4e includes:

  • Enhanced eBook integrates the text's narrative with a rich assortment of videos and check your knowledge assessment.
  • Videos on significant beliefs, practices, and place related to a variety of traditions covered in Invitation to World Religions. Each clip is approximately five to ten minutes in length and accompanied by multiple-choice questions
  • Interactive Timelines (Chapters 2 - 14) with assessments
  • Interactive Maps (Chapters 1-13), now with assessments
  • Web Links to Sacred Texts (Chapters 2-14)
  • Flashcards
  • Quizzes
  • Suggested Readings

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If your instructor assigns Oxford content through your school’s local learning management system:

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The Oxford University Press Digital Support team is available to assist both instructors and students with issues related to accessing or using Oxford materials in their courses.

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For assistance accessing your school’s LMS or working with non-Oxford content in your LMS, please contact your school’s IT department or LMS administrator

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