Principles of Psychology

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Organized around four well-established core concepts, Principles of Psychology provides students with a framework to understand the science of behavior Written in a conversational style, Principles of Psychology is organized around the following four well-established principles that serve as touchstones for the field of psychology:

  1. The mind is a process at work in a physical machine, the brain.
  2. We are consciously aware of only a fraction of our mental activity.
  3. We constantly modify our behavior, beliefs, and attitudes according to what we perceive about the people around us.
  4. Experience physically alters the structure and function of the brain. With these four principles as a framework for the text,

Principles of Psychology emphasizes that psychology is a science through discussion of relevant big-picture and proven concepts and cutting-edge research-based investigations that examine behavioral, psychological, and neuroscience experiments. By presenting data and facts from other scientific disciplines, as well as real-world vignettes and stories, Marc Breedlove teaches the reader how to think critically and scientifically about the underlying mechanisms of behavior.

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