Public Speaking and Democratic Participation

  • Communication/Media Studies/Journalism


A truly unique introductory textbook, Public Speaking and Democratic Participation: Speech, Deliberation, and Analysis in the Civic Realm provides a comprehensive introduction to the basic skills involved in public speaking–including reasoning, organization, outlining, anxiety management, style, delivery, and more–through the lens of democratic participation. It helps students develop the skills to distinguish between productive and unproductive public discourse; participate in and lead constructive discussions of community issues; and analyze public messages as an act of civic participation. By integrating the theme of civic engagement throughout, Public Speaking and Democratic Participation offers a direct and inspiring response to the alarming decline in civic participation in the U.S. and the climate of vindictiveness in our current political culture. It equips students with the tools to reverse these tendencies and move toward a greater commitment to our shared public life.

Student resources for this title are available on the book's Companion Website

Resources for Public Speaking and Democratic Participation

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