Chapter 13 Web links

This statistical bulletin issued by the Ministry of Justice contains information about the number of penalty notices for disorder (PNDs) issued in the year ending March 2017:


Information about Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunal Service can be found here:


This is a link to Sir Brian Leveson’s Review of Efficiency in Criminal Proceedings (January 2015):


The Criminal Procedure Rules and Practice Directions can be found here:


The text of the Criminal Practice Directions can be found in a single document here:   


This is a link to the most recent version of the Sentencing Council’s Allocation Guideline (applicable to all cases coming before magistrates’ courts from 1st March 2016):


The Attorney General publishes Guidelines on Disclosure, which are designed to ensure the proper and fair disclosure of material by the prosecution in criminal cases. The latest version of these guidelines can be found on the CPS website:


The Judicial Studies Board provides a ‘Compendium’, containing guidance for Crown Court judges when directing a jury in a criminal case: