Chapter 1 Web links

You will find on this site the Online Dispute Resolution Advisory Group’s February 2015 report on Online Dispute Resolution for Low Value Claims.


You will find the report of the Online Dispute Resolution Advisory Group of the Civil Justice Council at and the final report of Briggs LJ on the Civil Courts Structure Review at


A speech by Sir Thomas Etherton MR, on The Civil Court of the Future is to be found at


The use of online processes in criminal proceedings was commented on by Transform Justice, a charity, see


This website contains links to the House of Commons, the House of Lords, the progress of current and draft Bills before Parliament, the work of parliamentary committees and gives access to the records of Parliamentary debates Hansard.


The site contains information relating to solicitors.


This site contains legislation in its original form and also supporting materials, such as Explanatory Notes. Both UK Public General Acts and UK Statutory Instruments may be found on the site.