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Chapter 9 – What are the Root Causes of Terrorism?

Nick Brooke


The Global Terrorism Database, maintained by START at the University of Maryland, allows the user to trace trends in the use of terrorist violence, and find how groups motivated by different causes carried out their campaigns, who they targeted and how geographically-restricted they were.


The Global Terrorism Index, produced by the Institute for Economics and Peace, provides an annual report on the impact of terrorism within a given year. Within the report, which focuses on the geographical spread of terrorist incidents and the rise (and fall) of specific groups, one of the key aspects covered is the impact of particular motivations, or causes, of terrorism.


In this video recorded for the Stanford CISAC – Security Matters series called “Understanding Terrorism: What Causes Terrorism?”, Martha Crenshaw examines the question of what causes terrorism, and how we can address this question.

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